VAC 2020
VAC 2020
VAC 2020
VAC 2020

VAC 2020

VAC 2020

The Vac 2020 is our most evolved model of vacuum bag sealer, specially designed for the food industry.

The Vac 2020 is entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. 

The control panel and other electronic elements are protected in a watertight compartment (IP65).

The Vac 2020 is a very user-friendly machine.

The side guides allow easy positioning of the bag (alone or in a box or drum) in the center of the jaws.

The operator must then manually open the bag and press the corresponding button to lower the air extraction nozzle into the bag.



Download VAC 2020 - (138.31KB)


Thanks to a new generation PLC, it allows to program different options:

WELD: Perform only the welding of the bag.

VACUUM: Vacuum and welding.

GAS: Perform the vacuum, inject a gas for better preservation of the product and weld.                 

MULTICYCLE: Perform the Vacuum-Gas or Vacuum-Gas-Vacuum operation several times to achieve an optimal residual oxygen percentage and weld the bag.                                              

The VAC2020 AUTOMATIC version incorporates an automatic bag opening system that allows the following:

        1) Simplify to the maximum the operator's work, who only has to position the bag and press a push button.

        2) To adapt the machine to a fully automatic line.

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